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Why work
with us?

Travel technology services experts – Team
which is experienced in travel and
technology both.

Premium travel technology services are provided by Techspian. We were established on the base of collective efforts and experiences of the core team who have worked in the travel technology industry for more than a decade.

We have built products and solutions that have helped our customers to optimize their revenue and enhance user experience. Our highly experienced team has been working with industry leaders around the globe and have successfully offered next-generation products and services to travel businesses with varied business models and travel products. These travel products include Flights, Hotels, Cars, Activities, Cruises, and more.

• Vast experience of working with businesses in the travel
ecosystem like GDS, Suppliers, Payment Gateways,
Accounting Systems.

We offer integrations to content providers for Flights, Hotels, Car rentals, Activities, Tours, Payment Gateways, and Accounting Systems that are essential in building travel solutions.

What we do?

Here are some examples of product
development work that we forte in:

travel technology services

Travel Shopping Platforms

We work with B2B, B2C, Loyalty companies, Corporate Travel Agencies, Distribution Management Companies, and Suppliers to build a customized shopping platform for their customers depending on their unique business model.

Process automation

We believe automating processes are a key to reduce operational costs and to have a consistent user experience. We specialize in automating several processes running on different systems like various post-bookings for flights, seat assignments, scheduled changes of Global Distribution systems, and much more.

travel technology services, integration with GDS

Integrations with GDS, Suppliers, Bed Banks, LCC

We help travel businesses to integrate with GDS APIs, Consolidators APIs, LCC Airlines, Suppliers, Distribution Management Companies, Bed Banks, Tour Providers, Tour Aggregators, Cruise Companies, Cruise Aggregators, and Car Companies. These integrations help them to access content for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Activities, Cruises, and so on.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Secured integration with Payment gateways, Wallets, Bank APIs is essential to collect payments from customers. Additionally, secured payment integrations differ from country to country based on factors like laws and regulations for online transactions that needs to be taken care of within the integration itself. Certain demands like fraud prevention systems to reduce potential frauds are applicable as well. We provide integrations services to our clients, taking care of all these complexities.

Third-Party API integrations

We also help travel businesses to integrate with thirty party systems like Accounting systems, CRM systems, Itinerary management systems, Analytics platform.

Mobile First and Responsive websites

Mobile-first design is the new norm in e-commerce. Since the world is adapting to the “on-the-go” lifestyle, average mobile users have exponentially increased in the past two decades. This rise has led to an evident increase in travel bookings via mobile devices. That is the reason why travel businesses have expanded to mobile-first design for their websites along with responsive websites for desktops. We encourage our clients by offering services to adapt to this change.

travel technology services of mobile applications

Mobile applications

Techspian believes that mobile applications are a key to having returning customers. Our research indicates that hybrid applications are the preferred option by travel businesses to wrap websites into a native application. Also, technologies like flutter are solving the challenges of lag in the hybrid approach.

AI-Based chatbots

Chatbots are essential to handle customer requests partially or completely. They aid to reduce operational costs. We help in creating an interaction-based chatbot using NLP that assists in offloading operational requests which are partially or completely automated.

travel technology services with AI Based chatbots
travel technology services with cloud transformation

Cloud Transformation of existing applications

Applications need to be upgraded to the latest technologies from time to time. One of the key upgrades is moving applications to cloud. This not only saves on infrastructure cost but also helps to have more scalable applications. We have helped businesses to transform their existing applications to Cloud providers like- AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.