Why work
with us?

We are a team of healthcare technology
experts that are experienced and certified
for health care technologies.

We come with a vast experience of working with businesses in the health care ecosystem like ADT and Digital Rounding.

What we do?

Here are some examples of product
development work that we forte in:

ADT Services

An admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) is the core system for the health care providers. We are experts in processing the ADT messages coming in HL7 from Hospitals and ensuring the master records of patients are always updated to the latest

Digital Rounding

Patient rounding allows clinicians to be more attentive to patient needs. We help to revamp patient rounding strategies with our expertise in the digital transformation of all types of Rounding. It helps staff to better manage and prioritize their times, personalize interactions which leads to better care of patients.

With Digital rounding,

Third-Party API

Our healthcare technology includes third party API Integrations give the opportunity to get more digital healthcare insights and data. We help businesses to integrate these APIs of health care providers. We understand that third party integrations can help healthcare systems and vendors to provide the right information, operational and financial guidance, opportunities to improve and much more. Our team of experts will help you to smoothly integrate these APIs

Mobile First and
Responsive websites

Mobile-first design is the new norm in customer experience. Since the world is adapting to the “on-the-go” lifestyle, average mobile users have exponentially increased in the past two decades. This rise has led to an evident increase in booking appointments, requesting lab tests, and more. via mobile devices. That is the reason why the healthcare sector is preferring mobile-first design for websites along with responsive websites for desktops. We encourage our clients by offering hi-tech healthcare technology services to adapt to this change.

travel technology services of mobile applications

Mobile applications

We believe mobile applications is a key as customers in healthcare are typically returning ones. Our research indicates that hybrid applications are most popular in healthcare to wrap websites into a native application. Also, technologies like flutter are solving the challenges like lag in the hybrid approach.

AI-Based chatbots

Chatbots are essential to handle OPD patient requests to reduce the manual efforts in the process of OPD appointments, lab test reports, and more.They aid to reduce operational costs. We help in creating an interaction-based chatbot using NLP that assists in such requests which are partially or completely automated.

travel technology services with AI Based chatbots
travel technology services with cloud transformation

Cloud Transformation of existing applications

The healthcare sector has been dependent on a lot of desktop applications previously which are now moving to web-based systems. Applications need to be upgraded to the latest technologies from time to time. One of the key upgrades is moving applications to cloud. This not only saves on infrastructure costs but also helps to have more scalable applications. We have helped businesses to transform their existing applications to cloud providers like- AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.


HIPAA Security Certified

We are a Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE) which is one of the only HIPAA credentials that is focused on HIPAA Security regulation and implementation of the security rule.

HIPAA Awareness for Business Associate

At Techspian we have team certified HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates, certification needed to work as Associates.